Biology in the College of Creative Studies provides intensive study for students preparing for a career in research in the life sciences and associated fields.

Applicants to the CCS Biology Major usually have completed a research project or worked on a research team, taken Advanced Placement Biology, achieved high grades in high school biology, or provided other evidence of a focused interest in research in a particular biological subject.
From the first year, students may pursue independent research under the guidance of an individual advisor in areas such as marine biology, ecology, molecular biology biopsychology, paleontology, biological anthropology and microbiology. Summer research fellowships are often available to support these research projects. Although space for undergraduates in biology laboratories is always limited, CCS biology faculty have had considerable success in arranging placements in these research groups because of the caliber and focused coursework of CCS students. By doing research as an integral part of their college education, CCS biology students are considered junior colleagues of the faculty. Knowledge gained through the research experience is sophisticated, and provides a powerful preparation for graduate research studies.
CCS biology classes are independent laboratory or discussion courses directed by a biology faculty member or small seminars in which research papers on topics of current interest are discussed. These CCS courses augment, rather than replace, the basic and advanced courses offered by the departments of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Earth Science, Geography and other departments in the College of Letters and Science. Although each student's curriculum is flexible, CCS biology students normally take many of the same courses as biology majors in the College of Letters and Science; the distinction is that they take more upper division science courses, and take them earlier in their career, than majors in Letters and Science Biology.
Students of Life Science who envision working in academia or research for their profession should consider the opportunity offered by a Biology Major in CCS. Almost all students from CCS Biology go to the Ph.D. program of their choice. Please contact John Latto ( or Bruce Tiffney ( for further information.