Congratulations to our 2017 Writing Competition Winners!

Brancart Fiction Award:

  • 1st Place: Claire Lowinger-Iverson, Mountain Town

Richardson Poetry Award:

  • 1st Place: Mayan Theresa Garabedia, Eastern Fruits

Most Excellent Awards

Narrative Prose:

  • 1st Place: Ted Tinker, The Bucket
  • 2nd Place: Corinne Guichard, Perspective 
  • Honorable Mention: Claire Lowinger-Iverson, The Orange Car


  • 1st Place: Maya Theresa Garabedian, I Don't Know Why I Don't Call
  • 2nd Place: Corinne Guichard, her collection of poems: In Arusha, Tanzania; Le 14 Juillet; On the Odor of Oranges; Dear Lovers of the World; When My Mother Stopped Singing
  • Honorable Mention: Abigail Brenneman, Longer


  • 1st Place: Abigail Brenneman, "Can I Be My Body?"
  • 2nd Place: Steenalisa Tilcock, "Ferraris, Costanzas, and Abtizes"
  • Honorable Mention: Chelsea Brandwein, "A Five Star Childhood"

Writing Competitions 

CCS Writing & Literature holds annual writing competitions. All UCSB undergraduates are eligible to enter. Submissions are judged by faculty who do not know the identity of the authors. Students may not enter the same piece of work in more than one competition. 

The Awards 

Brancart Fiction Writing Contest: Established by CCS alumna Christine Lehner in memory of her grandmother Reine Brancart, the Brancart Fiction Award is given each year for an exemplary work of fiction. The fiction piece must be at least one (1) page in length but no more than ten (10). One entry per student.

  • Winner receives: $200.00

Richardson Poetry Writing Contest: Established by CCS alumnus Jeffrey Hewitt in memory of his grandmother Henrietta Wing Richardson, the Richardson Poetry Prize is given each year for an exemplary work of poetry. Students may submit a poem or group of poems of no more than five (5) pages. One entry per student.

  • Winner receives $600.00

CCS Most Excellent Writing Contest (Narrative Prose, Essay, Poetry):  Students may submit a piece of fiction, an essay or a poem (one submission per category). Narrative prose and essay submissions should be 1-10 pages, and poetry submissions should be 1-5 pages.  One entry per category per student.

  • One First Place Winner per category receives: $35.00
  • One Second Place Winner per category receives: $25.00
  • Three Honorable Mentions receive: $15.00