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Environmental Solutions: Fellowship Open House

Tuesday February 25, 2020 6:00pm
Marine Science Institute, UCSB

From sharks, kelp and coral, to farmers in Africa and the aquaculture industry, how can research provide solutions for the increasing challenges facing our environment? In 2019, the inaugural Schmidt Environmental Solutions Fellows at UC Santa Barbara set out to design tractable solutions to these and other environmental challenges, with the generous support of The Schmidt Family Foundation.

Join us for an evening of discussion on topics including how community engagement can assist coral reef recovery, the importance of the Giant Kelp microbiome for healthy marine food-webs, and how mobile phones are informing agricultural decision making in Kenya. The symposium will be followed by a reception with an opportunity to meet our Graduate Fellows and discuss the role we all play in protecting the health of our environment.

Contact ejcritchley@ucsb.edu for any questions

Register at: bit.ly/ EnviroSolutions

With the generous support of The Schmidt Family Foundation

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