CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Summer fellowships to support research, entrepreneurial-focused projects and creative activities

Supported by the Create Fund through the generosity of committed donors.

2019 Application Materials Deadline: Monday, April 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM


CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships are key to the undergraduate experiential learning at CCS and provide students in all eight majors the opportunity to:

  • Conduct research in a UCSB faculty member's laboratory, develop original creative work, and focus on entrepreneurship-focused endeavors
  • Build on the College's success in which CCS scholars and creators are guided by exceptional UC Santa Barbara faculty

Awardees are selected by the CCS Summer Fellowship Advisory Committee based on their application materials. Award announcements will be made by early May. Awards will be $3000 for a 10-week project. Awards will be credited to awardees' BARC accounts starting in early July.


Applicants must be a UCSB College of Creative Studies student with a good academic record to be eligible. Usually, students are best prepared for summer research after their Sophomore or Junior years. In some instances, fellowships may be awarded after the Freshman year. You should talk to your CCS faculty advisor about the appropriateness of when to apply. Students graduating in less than four years or in BS/MS programs may be considered for funding in the summer of their Freshman, Sophomore or Junior year. Prior recipients of CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships or Seniors who are graduating from CCS are NOT eligible to receive an award.

Students are to have a research area, or creative or entrepreneurial project in mind, and must establish contact with a UCSB Faculty member who will oversee the project (henceforth referred to as the Faculty Director) prior to applying. Projects must be designed in consultation with the Faculty Director, who must be a member of the UCSB faculty, but need not be a member of the CCS faculty. Faculty Directors often prefer that student projects be related to ongoing projects currently being conducted in their laboratory or area of expertise.

Work is expected to be immersive and full-time (a minimum of 40 hours/week) for 10 weeks and not to overlap in time with any other work, internships, classes or fellowships. In some situations or disciplines, but usually not in the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing), a shorter fellowship period with a prorated stipend might be acceptable. Again, you could talk with your CCS faculty advisor about this.

Usually there is not enough funding within the budget to support all worthy projects at as high a funding level as ideal. Faculty Directors may contribute supplemental funding, if available, most commonly in the sciences and engineering. Applicants may wish to speak with your Faculty Director about the availability of such funding for your financial planning purposes. CCS will reach out to awardees’ Faculty Directors regarding their option to provide supplemental funds in May.

For those who are simultaneously applying to other funding sources for the summer, please note you may only accept funding from one source at a time (aside from potential supplemental funding from an awardee’s Faculty Director discussed in the previous paragraph).


Awardees are responsible for submitting the following items in Fall 2019:

  • Poster displaying the work accomplished in the summer project. This will be showcased at the CCS Research and Creative Activity Conference (RACA-CON), scheduled in Fall 2019. You can see previous posters in the CCS halls. Posters will be due the day of CCS RACA-CON. Those awardees who are not in the sciences may, in consultation with their Faculty Director and in coordination with RACA-CON event managers, request to present their work in another form in addition to or instead of a poster. This request must be submitted to RACA-CON event managers at least 4 weeks in advance of the event to allow time to prepare.
  • Abstract briefly summarizing your project. Note: abstracts may be shared with donors and used as an example for future fellowship recipients. Due no later than Monday, October 21, 2019.
  • Donor Thank You Letter – these awards are funded entirely by private donations. As such, awardees are responsible for submitting a letter of appreciation addressed to the donor who funded their award. Due no later than Monday, October 21, 2019.
  • Attendance at CCS RACA-CON in the Fall – all CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowship award recipients are expected to participate. This event provides an opportunity to present your work in a professional setting and to interact with other students, faculty, donors and parents in a celebration of your original contributions to knowledge. RACA-CON will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2019 during UCSB Parent’s and Family Weekend.


A complete application consists of the following FIVE components:


1. PROJECT PROPOSAL (required)

A one-page document written by the APPLICANT in consultation with the FACULTY DIRECTOR with a detailed description of the proposed project, which must address each of the following items:


  • Brief background and significance of the project
  • Rationale and general approach to the proposed project
  • Predicted outcomes or goals 


  • File naming format: applicantlast_applicantfirst_proposal.pdf; example: gaucho_jane_proposal.pdf
  • Submitted by the APPLICANT via the online data form (see 5 below)


See "Files" (right) to download form.


  • Fill out form using Microsoft Word, then print
  • Obtain Faculty Director signature
  • Scan signed form (a scanner is available in the CCS Student Computer Lab, room 115)
  • File naming format: applicantlast_applicantfirst_app.pdf; example: gaucho_jane_app.pdf
  • Submitted by the APPLICANT via the online data form (see 5 below)



APPLICANTS are to provide the Faculty Director with your completed application form, and project proposal. Please allow them sufficient time to write and submit their letter by the deadline. 
Again, the Faculty Director must be a member of the UCSB faculty, but need not be a member of the CCS faculty.


  • File naming format: applicantlast_applicantfirst_letterwriterlast.pdf; example: gaucho_jane_ProfessorApple.pdf
  • Letters must be submitted by FACULTY DIRECTORS directly to



Submitted by the applicant's CCS FACULTY ADVISOR. At the time that you request that your CCS Faculty Advisor (the CCS faculty member who signs your yellow slip every quarter) fills out the CCS Faculty Advisor Support Form, provide them with a copy of your completed and signed fellowship application and project proposal. THEN request that they fill out the form. Please allow them sufficient time to complete and submit the advisor form by the deadline. 

CCS Faculty Advisors will need to be logged into their UCSB Connect Email Account in order to fill out this form.


5. ONLINE DATA FORM (required)

Submitted by the APPLICANT. Be sure to have both the (1) Project Proposal and (2) the signed Application Form scanned as pdfs and the files properly named before you begin the Online Data Form as it will require you to upload both. Note: applicants must ensure they AND their Faculty Director have signed the application prior to submission.

Applicants must be logged into their UCSB Connect Email Account to fill out this form.


Optional second letter of support: in addition to the required application materials, applicants may choose to also request a second optional letter of support from another faculty member who is familiar with your background and work. This additional optional letter is subject to the same deadline and submission instructions as apply to the required letter from the Faculty Director (see 3 above). Note: this is entirely optional and those applications that do not have a second letter will not have this counted against them.

Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.


Meet Some of the 2018 Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Recipients 

Third-year CCS Biologist Kristen Klitgaard

Third-year CCS Physicist Aaron Peng

Fourth-year CCS Biologist Cole Garcia

Fourth-year CCS Biologist Veronica Russell

Third-year CCS Chemist Nick Wilson

Third-year CCS Artist and Biologist Sophie Nebeker

Third-year CCS Biologist Youssef Sibih

Third-year CCS Physicist Alex Cicconi-Kasper